Hydro foil Lessons

We are located on the best places for kitesurfing in Thailand

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to soar above the water’s surface in complete silence?

Learning to ride a kitefoil board will unlock this unbelievable sensation and bring you to another dimension!

Kitefoiling is the most exciting and newest discipline of kiteboarding that has been taking the industry by storm in 2017-2018. Foilboarding presents numerous advantages over traditional kiteboarding including the amazing upwind ability, the possibility to kite in extremely light winds (4-7 knots) and the pure thrill of flying above the water at speed in complete silence – all this while sustaining no impact on your knee joints.

Kite Thailand is the 1st kite school in Thailand offering hydrofoil board lessons, rentals and sales.

Book your own personal private foil board lessons and get started into foil boarding.

The Hydro Foil Course 


Offering  kiteboarding packages and kitesurfing lessons in Bangkok Thailand for all levels!


All equipment is provided during the lessons.
Upon completion of the lesson(s) and depending on your progression – we offer foil board rentals. It’s possible to rent the complete set of gear (kite, board, harness, bar) for 1500 THB/h or 4000 THB/day. foil board alone will be 1000 THB/h.


You must be a self-sufficient kiteboarder. You must be able to stay upwind easily, jump, self-relaunch, and self-rescue on a twin tip kiteboard.

Foil boarding uses a very different set of skills. The foil boards make experienced kiteboarders feel like beginners again. But once mastered it is an amazing feeling to glide above the water.

Come and feel the thrill of the newest style in kiteboarding. It is like nothing you’ve experienced before!!!