Look no further for the best kite shop in Thailand – our kitesurf shop offers top of the line equipment







Kite Thailand  was the first kiteboarding company in Thailand. Our very first kitesurf shop and school were opened in Hua Hin 2001. The kite shop and the school are still there 16 years later, together with 2 other Kite Thailand kiteshops and schools at the same beach. Today Kite Thailand has kiteshops and schools all over Thailand – we have a total of 9 fully equipped kitesurf shops and schools in Thailand. All of the kitesurfing equipment for sale at our kitesurf shop is top-quality and produced by the best names in kiteboarding equipment and gear. Kite Thailand has been and still is working with the most well-known brands in the kiteboarding industry. Some of the equipment brands that Kite Thailand currently distributes: Cabrinha, Airush, F-One, Slingshot is some of the brands we stock in every Kite Thailand location.

We can ship all of the equipment from our kiteshop to you, no matter where you are in the world!

WHY to BUY from Kite Thailand?
  • Kite Thailand offers a price guarantee to provide the best prices worldwide. If you can prove that you can find the same kitesurfing equipment for sale at a lower price, we will beat the price.
  • Kite Thailand has been in the market for a long time and is here to stay. We give you as a customer a guarantee that this can be the place you return to the day you need help and service for your products.
  • Kite Thailand gives 1-year extra warranty on the products that are purchased in one of our Kite Thailand kiteshops.
  • Kite Thailand consistently carries a very large stock, which means you can rely on us for quick delivery of your products.
  • Wherever you are in the world we will ship you the products.