About Us

Book your kitesurfing holidays with Kite Thailand and enjoy the best surfing in Thailand!

You can trust our team at Kite Thailand to book your kitesurfing holidays – with us you’re sure to experience the best surfing in Thailand! We are still proud to be the first kite school in Thailand. We established our first kiteboarding center in Hua Hin back in 2001. Since then we have opened many schools in Thailand and Vietnam. Over 16 years later, we’re still here and consistently improving after we have learned so much about kiteboarding, teaching, and how to run the best kitesurfing services. We are by far the largest kiteboarding school and kitesurfing shop network in Asia. We have locations all over Thailand, which means that no matter what time of year it is, we will have an open facility for you to visit, this eans you’ll never have to worry about missing Thailand kitesurfing season!

We have locations all over the country and a kitesurfing shop at every location! Never miss a Thailand kitesurfing season with our network.

We have put 10,000+ students through our courses, and trained 100s of kiteboarding instructors many of whom have gone on to make successful careers doing what they love in paradise.


We are insured for liability with Lloyds Insurance covering 2,000,000 Euros.

If you have a kiteboarding school or franchise and you are interested in the benefits of becoming part of the Kite Thailand school and kitesurfing shop network, please email us

The benefits to your school

  • Low cost supply of quality kiteboarding equipment from the major manufacturers
  • Great range of beach products you can sell in your shop
  • Stock control facility
  • Range of clothing and beach wear
  • Supply of customers through our website and advertising network
  • More efficiency in running your kiteboarding business
  • Signage and stationery design