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Sizes: 137 x 41 / 141 x 42

Designed specifically for riders who want twin tip capability for use in the surf, the Tronic has literally carved its way into the hearts and quivers of its large following. The Tronic is a twin tip with an outline and rocker made for rough water and surf. The Tronic cuts through chop with ease and pushes through G-force inducing turns with power and control.


Curved outline and pulled in tips favor choppy water.


Powerful carving ability
Buttery soft turns
Flexible construction for comfort in all conditions
Great upwind performance
Maximum edge control for boosting
Outline with narrow tips which facilitates a smooth ride and carving
Quad concave to V-tips provides easy rail-to-rail transition and grip control
Included with the board:
4x 50mm fins, 4x washers, 10x 6x16mm screws, grab handle

This product is registered with the IKA for Formula Kite Racing and can be used for the Youth Olympic Games and its qualifier events.

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137CM, 141CM