The travel report for kitesurfing in Rhodes

2010. It was the second time I would fly abroad for a vacation with Lina. The first time we would bring our kites with us. The lack of experience made this the most nervous trip that we have done, even if it was a plain charter, and with only one extra kitebag as luggage.

Anyway, we flew to Rhodes with old people and sun thirsting families in a charter-trip, took the disgusting charter bus to our hotel. We had the hotel in Kremasti, on the north-west, windy side of Rhodes, close to a kite centre (the only one on that side?)


The beaches on that side of the island are filled with small stones as you see on the picture. And it is windy. We left our gear in the kite centre, because we did not have a car for the whole week.

Kitesurfing in Kremasti

The wind in Kremasti is sideshore or side-on, and there are dedicated kite-zones where you do not need to be afraid of swimmers. The water is deep and choppy, and there are stones on the beach. But it works, there are fun kickers for jumping, good and safe for beginners, and with restaurants close by. With a scoter you reach a lot of hotels in a few minutes, so it is convenient if you want to combine a sun- / family vacation with some kitesurfing.


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